Different types of printing techniques

Printing has evolved a lot since the time of manually carving into pieces of wood. Today there are several methods of printing that you can choose from. Each of these different printing methods uses different printing techniques. Clients can choose any technique best suited to highlight their final product. These are just a few of the many methods of printing used today. 


This is a vastly developed form of printing. This is a modern method of printing as it functions without the need for a printing press or the creation of printing plates. It is the reproducing of a digital image onto a physical surface such as paper, film, photo paper or cloth. The ink or toner isn’t absorbed by the physical surface but rather just forms a layer on its surface. 


This type of printing is very similar to letterpress printing. This form of printing is usually used for packaging. It uses flexible rubber or plastic printing plates to the front on a variety of packaging material. It is created by creating a mirrored master of the required image as a 3D relief in a rubber or polymer material. 

Letterpress printing 

This is one of the oldest printing techniques known. The printing takes place by ink being applied to a plastic or metal printing press which is then applied to a physical surface leaving an inked impression. 

Offset printing 

This is a popular method of mass-production printing. It involves printing plates made usually out of aluminium, which holds an image to what needs to be printed. The plates are then transferred onto rubber blankets before printing the media on the physical surface. The flexible material allows for printing onto rough surfaces. 

Screen printing 

This type of printing technique relies on woven pieces of fabric or mesh called screens. This screen is placed on a piece of dry paper or material. Ink is poured onto the screen then evenly pushed through the openings of the mesh and onto the material.

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