5 Ways to make personalized calendars for business promotions

Giving customers personalized calendars is a good way of promoting the business and showing your customers that you value them. Personalized calendars are a major marketing tool that if used correctly can greatly promote the company. 

Good theme 

Think about a theme that’s appropriate for the company brand and its identity. Overly trendy themes can become dated before the year ends. Think about something that would be interesting for the whole year. Something unique when it comes to design concepts. 

Interesting use of images

If you want to display some products use real product images. Use the images to speak to the overall story you want to tell in the calendar. The quality of these pictures needs to be good to be successful. What you are essentially trying to do is to create an overall pleasing aesthetic throughout the entire calendar,

Smart text layouts 

Adding captions to your pictures or comments within the calendar is always a good idea. You can inspire your customers or be witty with your comments. Humour is an amazing way of promoting a company. Finding a way to make your consumers smile with witty one-liners will go a long way in promoting your company. Remember to choose the right font and size for these texts to ensure that they make sense with the calendar’s design aesthetic.

Useful and fun features

Adding useful features like a to-do list for keeping track of appointments and special events is extremely useful. Get creative with your features but make sure that they fit the theme of the calendar to get your message across. 

Well printed  

In the end, the calendar needs to look good. It needs to be printed on the right kind of paper and with all the proper finishes. The design of the calendar should complement the theme. Get a professional to assist you with the printing guides to prevent mistakes while printing.

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