3 Benefits of Digital Printing

Digital printing is a printing method that use a digital file to print instead of printing plates. The printing process doesn’t include any pre-press stages between the digital document and the final press. Below we’ve provided you with 3 benefits of digital printing.


Digital printing offers impeccable quality and is consistent in providing it. Digital printing provides perfect colour and you don’t run the risk of having harsh lines on the print. The quality of each product is always the same. It’s ideal for short to medium print runs. The speed of the print means that you can have it delivered to you faster than any other printing method. There is no need for preparing plates so the set-up needed for the print is minimal. Since it doesn’t require any additional setup costs acquired by developing plates, this method of printing can really reduce the cost of your print if medium or small.


Various designs are possible because the print offer full colour without any limitations to colour. This means that you can customize the print in any way that you would like to create your most desired print. This includes all kinds of print jobs from banners to posters.


While the printing process still involves ink and chemicals there are no pre-press procedures, so plates are not necessary, reduces the use of extra materials and chemicals. Printers only inject ink to certain parts to be printed minimising the amount of ink utilised.

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