The difference between a Diary and a Journal

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the use of a diary and a journal over the years. Many people question the purpose of each book. They are similar as they are both for recording instances or planning days but there is a significant difference that separates one from the other. Read about the difference between a diary and a journal below:

A diary is used to log daily activities. This includes what needs to be done and what has already been done. A diary usually has dates, or has a space to write a date, so that you can keep track of the days that you completed certain tasks; the dated diaries also allow people to plan their weeks, or even months. Most people write in their diaries daily so that they can keep their days organised.

A journal is more personal than a diary. This includes snippets of the writer’s opinions and feelings. It often includes a person’s activities throughout the day with added detail on the way these activities made them feel. A journal is often seen as a form of stress relief. It allows people to have a private space where they can keep their personal thoughts. A journal is often not written in daily, but rather when the writer is in the mood to get something off their chest.

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