Is Printed Gazebos beneficial towards marketing?

Sensory experiences are pivotal in relaying marketing efforts. What better way than to appeal to these senses than visual representation through printed gazebos? Total Print is at the forefront of ensuring that clients marketing expectations are met.

There are various trends that have taken over the market to advertise to a particular target market. Printed gazebos have the capacity and magnitude to encapsulate slogans and imprint a logo that is applicable to the target market.

Marketing events and pop-up shops require printed gazebos to stand out in the crowd. Total Print incorporates visibility and branding to a whole new level through designing, printing and delivering.

Total Print has a versatile range of gazebos that will contribute to the marketing efforts of our clients, these include:

  • Corporate Gazebos
  • Golf Day and Event Gazebos
  • Branded Gazebos
  • Gazebo Printing
  • Custom Gazebos

An important aspect to consider is the durability and quality of the frames of the gazebos. Total Print utilises 100% waterproof, high tear-strength polyester that can withstand the elements. Our branded gazebos are digitally printed which creates a pristine finish on all of the gazebos.

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