Are Business Cards still relevant in today’s digital marketing world?

Business cards remain a relevant tool for business if you value human connection and understand the tactile nature of a premium business card. But of course, your opinion of the value of business cards versus simply connecting on business platforms like LinkedIn will depend on where you are coming from, and be influenced by several factors including:

  • Your age
  • The industry you work in
  • How digitally literate you choose to be
  • How much you value human connection
  • Your approach to building business relationships

In this blog, we’ll give reasons why we think business cards still matter and why you should always have a pocket full of them.

  • Swapping contact information digitally is impersonal
  • Business cards are effective direct marketing tools
  • They are the first impression of your brand
  • Creative business cards get shared: continuing to market you
  • They show you are prepared

Essentially, it’s all about the context, knowing your market and understanding the cultural nuances and what is appropriate. If your goal is to create a memorable first impression and believe in a unique business card, that may fuel the conversation even further. Given that your target clients are thoughtful decision makers who value quality, it is crucial that your business cards help create this first impression.

The very fact that you’ve bothered to invest in a high-quality business card. In full colour with embossed treatment tells your clients a lot about you. You then use your online tools, like LinkedIn, Twitter profile, Instagram and others, to provide more evidence of your personal brand and values.

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